Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Such a beautiful and amazing show. I'd been dreaming to see them for years, they were more than I could imagine. Nino and I were out of our minds with excitement and on the verge of tears the entire show.. not to sound dramatic or anything. Nick Urata's voice is phantasmagorical.

To finish the night off, on the way home I took the wrong train and fortunately wound up at the W 4th. station. Fortunately because as I'm standing on the platform waiting for the right train I hear this beautiful operatic voice echoing through the station. I walk down and see this old black woman on the other side of the tracks singing and playing single notes on a little keyboard. I stood and listened for a while, it was a music and sound I'd never heard in the subway before. She'd hit a high note as a train came flying through the station, the sounds would blend together into the wave of pressure pulsing across the platform. You couldn't tell between her round seasoned voice or the crying of the wheels as the subway car sways down the tracks 65mph just feet in front of you. While in the midst of all this, New York graces the moment with its everlasting charm. A mexican at the other end of the bench I'm sitting on begins puking, profusely. It was so perfect I start laughing out loud and everyone around scatters. I continue to watch the singing lady for a minute, then I run up the stairs and to the other side so I could pay some gratitude, and film her. She had homemade cds that I glanced at and hoped to remember her name but it's gone from me now. As I ran off to catch my approaching train on the other platform she smiled and waved bye to me. It was a lovely evening in New York tonight.

p.s. CHAUNTÉ GETS TO NY IN THE MORNING! She'll be at my apt in like 6 hours! I'm pretty excited.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Goodnight Morning

The final and ultimate documentation.

My way home to Brooklyn after closing up the bar in the East Village. Saturday night Sunday morning,roughly 6am. Take the L train to Bedford Ave, bicycle through Williamsburg to my home in Greenpoint.
I recorded this on a little digital camera so I apologize for the shakiness.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

There and Back Again. A bartenders tale.

I left work this morning at 5am, over the course of the next two hours on my way home to Brooklyn, which should take about 30mins, I took photos of the alternate quiet side of New York. Check em out on my FACEBOOK

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Night? Life?

It's 6am and I'm just now going to sleep.
I've been working just about everyday at this bar in the East Village for the past week and I haven't even made it once to Brooklyn before the sun comes up. I'm managing so I've gotta stay till atleast 4:30am usually 5am to count the money and lock up the place. I ride my bicycle home on the deserted empty streets, birds singing, and a cool misty air. It's surreal and lovely. I always wish I was beginning my day with this instead of ending it.
This is about the time lapse I have leaving work to getting home...

I need a real job.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


I LOVE Mangal Pandey! He's such a bad ass, I want to be him. And I love Holi, the festival of colours, this scene in the movie is so great/ridiculous.

Three things to do before I die:
Be in a Bollywood film
Be in a Holi festival
Take on 2,000 british soldiers by myself like Mangal Pandey