Wednesday, April 22, 2009


In 12 days I'll be in Ireland. I think I'll have to go straight to work on the farm when I get there so I've been planning to acclimate to Irish time.. but I'm not doing so good. It's 5 hours ahead.
Right now its 6:41am in Ireland. I haven't even gone to bed yet.

Monday, April 6, 2009

It's final

I'm finally embarking on my voyage to the Motherland. I've got 3 weeks left here in South Carolina until I fly back to NYC for the weekend then I'm off to farm in Cork, Ireland. I'll be doing work-exchange on many farms throughout the UK and Europe that I've found on for the next year or so. Most of the farms don't pay but they provide room and board, so it's a great way to travel and stay places for an extended amount of time on the cheap. The first one I'm working at is in Castlehaven, beautiful rolling country side right on the sea.

There's about 6 other farms I've contacted and have in mind after Castlehaven, but I'll just see how it all plays out once I get there. This is the route I plan to take May-July: Google Map
If anyone is going to be in the UK around then, let me know!

And to everyone in or around South Carolina we've got 3 weeks to hang out before I leave FOREVERRR! I leave Wed April 29th.
And to everyone in NYC/Brooklyn, I'll be in town Thurs 30th - Sun 3rd. It's going to be the weekend to end all weekends. We'll need to share as much love and sweat as possible before I fly to Dublin Sunday night.

My time has come, for I must depart on yet another grand voyage. I may or may not return for quite sometime so I pray thee well until our paths may cross again.

"I will leave the dust of the City street and the noise of the busy town
For the windy moor and the high hill and the peat-stream flowing brown.
I will seek the place where gypsies roam and strange, wild songs are sung;
I will find once more the magic paths I knew when earth was young.
Stretch not your hands nor bid me stay, I hear the white road's call,
The sun hath kissed the buds from sleep, and I am one with them all."

From The Vagrant - Pauline Slender