Thursday, July 9, 2009


Spent the last 6 days in foggy Londontown and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I..
Played with old friends.
Got in a fight with a cabby.
Went on a hunt for Banksy art in the wee hours of the morning.
Took a 200 question personality test for what turned out to be for Scientologists.
Ate delicious Indian curry, Thai, Moroccan, Pizza Express (awesome), beef bagel with the hottest English mustard known to man, Camden grease doughnuts, loads of ice lollies, and Snogs yogurt.
Went shopping with Devandra Banhart at American Apparel, seriously.
Was an assistant on a photo shoot.
Went to Tate Modern and took photos of people.
Went to the London singles ward which I loved. There's just something about having your lesson taught by hip black British blokes that makes it that much more enjoyable. It was my first time to church in 2 months, aren't many in Ireland. It was a great to be there.
Went swing dancing and threw all the lindy hoppers off with my eastcoast strut.
Became a pro with the Tube/London Underground.
Spent hours perusing the streets of Brick Lane and Camden Market.
Had a lovely sunday drive through London in Monty, a beautiful 1950's styled convertible, listening to Django Rienhart all the while.

London cost me more money in 6 days than the entire 2 months I've lived in Ireland. Slightly absurd. Worth it though.

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mimi said...

COOL! Love the pics!