Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bicycle ride to Union Hall

Finally got my camera back from being repaired in the States, I now feel complete.
Went for a ride today, this is what I found.

Met the loveliest little girl at Keelbeg Pier.

Down the low road to Reen Pier

Up the high road to Ceim Hill

On to Castletownshend Cove


homegrown said...

Hey Arthur, I know you posted all this a long time ago...but I am just catching up on your blog. I heard about your recent marriage and I am so happy for you and Clare. These photos are charming, I am glad you went on your world tour and found love!

Arthur Anchors said...

Thanks Tess! Thats so lovely of you. I don't think I've told you that your wedding looked gorgeous. When Clare and I were getting ideas for our wedding we saw yours on
Thanks for reading and enjoying my blog and for the encouragement, I really need to get back on it.
Hope youre well!
All the best!